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1+ leg CFI
Details    Edit
Updated: Aug 20, 2014
 Arterial Intersections  Continuous Flow Intersections  CFI - 1,3,4-legs  Existing
Abstract: Camellia Blvd (SE leg) has standard CFI crossover. The opposite leg has left turns cross over oncoming traffic onto a slip road which intersects Johnston St at a separate intersection a short distance away with development in between.
Region: USA - Southeast Videos: No
Road: Camellia BlvdJohnston St Pics: No
City: Lafayette ,LA ,US Docs: No
Lat/Lon: 30.193731308 ,-92.058578491 Links: No
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Jonathan Dough   
Role: No Role

3rd CFI in USA
Details    Edit
Updated: Aug 04, 2011
 Arterial Intersections  Continuous Flow Intersections  CFI - 2-legs  Existing
Abstract: One of the first high-profile CFI's in the nation. Reportedly dropped delay from over 4-minutes per vehicle down to about 1-minute per vehicle.
Region: USA - Southeast Videos: Yes
Road: U.S. 61Louisiana 3246 Pics: Yes
City: Baton Rouge ,LA ,US Docs: Yes
Lat/Lon: 30.399023056 ,-91.054115295 Links: Yes
3 people have recorded their role in this project.

An Ho, PE, TPT   Design Engineer
Role: Planning Manager
michelle Zhang   
Role: No Role